I want to get involved! How do I do that?

We're now in need of interns from all over the world! Don't hesitate to contact us! We're also specifically looking for international ambassadors who are fluent in another language to reach even more people around the globe! If you previously contacted us a few months ago and didn't get a response feel free to message us again! We were having technical difficulties with our e-mail previously and may have missed it!

Why don't you accept donations?

We would rather have you donate it to another place where the money would be more useful! As most of our hands on duties are currently in Hawaii we don't need much money to keep going and all the awesome people buying out t-shirts and merchandise from the Shop have kept us afloat :).

Do you guys only spread awareness for the sea, or land as well?

It's all connected! We focus primarily on the ocean but we are always up to help with all the creatures and their habitats on land!

Who works at Keiko?

Keiko was founded by Natalie Parra and Siena Schaar, but is a labor of love by many individuals who you will soon get to learn all about once we harass them into taking enough time away from their inspiring work to finish their bio's so we can post them here!

When's your next reef clean up?

Check out our Events page! We're always planning new ones. On that page you can also find other events from other conservation groups all over the world :)!

I'm an artist and want to donate or collaborate on some artwork for your products! How do I go about that?

Awesome! We would love that! Shoot us an e-mail and let's do it! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for our Contact Info!

Who made your logo?

The extremely talented artist, Rene Campbell! You can contact her via her FB Page here.